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Here’s the story: I’ve sent a handful of my most trusted and valued email subscribers an invitation to try my amazing new weekly Male Health newsletter. Every week I’ll hand you sizzling hot tips and tricks to dramatically improve your health, potency, and general vitality – and best of all, I’ll back everything up with evidence and scientific studies, even though it’ll go DIRECTLY against what most so called specialists say.

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The Great Cholesterol Lie And The Real Reason 81.3% Of Men Over 45 Struggle With Natural Potency

The shocking truth could change your life instantly but your Doctor will never admit it-


An Urgent Note From The Desk Of Rick Cannon

Listen, by now you’ve probably realized there’s a huge conspiracy out there.

No matter what you see or hear in the media, the government, the medical community and food agencies just don’t have your best interests at heart.

They want one thing above all else – PROFIT.

Like they don’t have enough money, they have to make yet more by STEALING the health and potency of average guys all over the globe.

Guys like us. They’re running away with our God-given right to sexual health and potency at any age.

That’s what it is you know – it’s our RIGHT.

It’s how life is supposed to be for us no matter how old we get.

But every day there are external forces at work DESTROYING your ability to get the erections that should come naturally

- and so each day that passes, the average guy loses just a little bit more potency.

And what’s the end result?

The end result is a nation of older guys with ED!

And the other horrifying thing is what this EPIDEMIC is doing to our bodies.

It’s no secret that the average 50 year old guy looks nothing like he did even ten years ago.

And sure, society and the media and whoever else will tell you it’s a natural part of aging-

- but that’s just so much NONSENSE.

Pardon My French, But I Feel VERY Strongly About This

What’s happening here is NOT a natural part of aging.

The truth is, the same things that are STRANGLING your potency are also causing you to pack on pounds and pounds of unhealthy body fat

- and they’re basically sending your hormones haywire in the process!

So yeah, men all over the world are experiencing a drastic shortage of Testosterone, and I know we’ve talked about it before, but the stuff we covered, man, that’s just the beginning.

In fact, it’s the tip of the iceberg!

This conspiracy goes DEEP

- but what you’re never told is that there are SO MANY THINGS you can do to boost your potency, regain your youth, and even slow down the aging process.

For example, did you know that low Cholesterol is directly linked to low Testosterone and low potency?


Because Testosterone COMES from Cholesterol. That’s how it’s made.

So why then would your Doctor be so eager to prescribe meds to lower your Cholesterol when he knows it’s going to affect your Testosterone and your potency? Because Cholesterol is bad for your heart?

Nope. Those myths were debunked years ago, by many different scientific and University studies. Your Doctor KNOWS that Cholesterol has no effect on heart disease or anything like that.

But he still wants you on Cholesterol meds.

Why? The same reason he wants you on all kinds of other medications – because it earns him a fortune when he prescribes them!

And that leads us to a question:

In a world like this, a world of Doctors putting money ahead of health, and business moguls deliberately harming the lives of honest guys just to turn a buck, who can you listen to?

Who has your back and will always give you the straight truth?

One word.

ME. Rick Cannon.

While the rest of the world is out there trying to do anything it can to get hold of your money (even if it costs you your life)

- I’m quietly working on my potency projects, and uncovering new and unknown ways for the average guy to reclaim his youth and become a prime physical specimen at any age.

And so right now I’m unleashing on the world something that every guy aged forty five or over needs in this corrupt modern society.

I mean, by now you probably know my story.

I was the average forty something guy who started noticing differences, just like most of us do.

I was a bit slower, a bit heavier, and I was missing my energy, my passion

- and the results were very obvious in the bedroom.

These things cost me a woman that was very close to my heart

- and right then I vowed to stop at nothing until I became a potency expert.

I just don’t believe that us as human males are destined to get old and lose our ability to get an erection!

Potency is ever-evolving, and only now are we starting to uncover the truth behind so many of the health lies we’ve been told over the years.

So you need somebody in your corner, somebody like me who’s working tirelessly to uncover the truth, giving you cutting-edge information as soon as it’s discovered.

So I want to introduce you to the Rick Cannon Letter


I created this newsletter for my fellow men, so I could share all the secrets and amazing knowledge I’ve started to learn-

- because this stuff is so important they should teach it in schools.

In just the first issue, you’ll discover:

  • Why 80% of guys over 40 have enlarged prostates, and why that almost always leads to erection problems
  • The four simple foods that will INSTANTLY go to work reducing the size of your prostate, no matter what your Doctor tells you
  • The freaky exercise you can do to jack up your potency AND shrink your prostate back down to more normal levels.


And then in the next issue, I’ll reveal stuff like:

  • The almost-unknown male sex hormone that’s between 3 and 10 times more powerful than Testosterone – if you really want to make out your size and potency, this is how
  • How to jack up your supply of this hormone NATURALLY
  • And how to know if you’re deficient – deficiency here could lead to serious health issues, so I’ll show you how to make sure that doesn’t apply to you


And yes, that may be a brief idea of what’s inside each issue, but right there alone you’ve got 6 big factors that could change your life TOMORROW.

Let’s face it. Most guys our age simply aren’t as potent as they used to be. As embarrising it is to admit, we don’t get as hard as we used to, and we don’t get hard as often

- and we’re losing all kinds of other stuff from our lives too.

This aims to help you fix that

- But It Also Goes WAY Deeper Than That!

For example, there’s not a guy on the planet over the age of 45 who ISN’T worried about his prostate, having problems with it or even cancer.

Except me.

Do you know why?

Because I know the secret ingredient you can add to almost any meal that will actively reduce the size of your prostate, and has been scientifically proven to reduce Cancer growth by xx%.

And the scary thing is that your doctor won’t tell you this stuff, and there’s one big green ugly reason why.

MONEY. The almighty dollar!

Your Doctor, and his bosses, and his boss’s boss’s, they ALL get compensated by the pharmaceutical conglomerates whenever a Doctor recommends a certain medication to you

- so suddenly we have a society when a Doctor’s job isn’t to make you better, it’s to milk your condition for as much money as he possibly can.

It’s sickening. Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves.

If you’ve ever wondered why Healthcare in the USA is so expensive, this is why.

I’m Not Exaggerating About That, By The Way

The New York Times reported in June 2013 that the average cost to get a simple heart scan done here in the USA is $914.

The price in Canada? Just thirty five dollars.

And it applies to medications too. That same New York Times article showed that we pay around THIRTY FIVE TIMES more for certain medications than people in other countries.


Profit. Plain and simple. To keep the Doctors rich, to keep their bosses rich, and to keep the lobbyists in Washington in fancy cars and eating caviar for another few years.

So what happens is that you go to your Doctor because you’re not feeling good, or you’re not as potent as you once were, and what does he do?

He prescribes something that costs you hundreds of dollars.

No, it doesn’t help you – it makes you worse in a lot of ways, even risks your life from side-effects – but hey, the Doctor gets a nice little paycheck as a reward for selling you the drug, and as long as he’s kept rich, who cares about the regular guys dying all over the world from what’s happening?

But, again, I don’t have to worry about that.

Because I know the secret remedies and solutions that your Doctor wouldn’t tell you in a million years, even if he DID know them.

And something else most other guys our age worry about – they’ve packed on the pounds without really understanding why. Their Doctor tells them to eat less fat, cut down on Cholesterol and all this other stuff

- but the truth is, doing that only makes you GAIN weight.

The reason I’m 54 years old and probably leaner and more muscular than I was in my 30s is because I know when the advice a Doctor gives is nonsense, and how to fix it myself.

So I Want You To Picture Something For Me

Imagine your life two or three weeks from now.

But imagine if it was different.

Imagine yourself more potent. You can perform like a stallion in bed, and pop a rock hard erection whenever you get turned on.

And you’re leaner. The pounds are melting from your frame, and you’re starting to see the layers of hard, veiny muscle you used to have.

But better than that, you’re HEALTHIER. In just about every way a man needs to be healthy.

And you’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in every part of life, you’ve got more energy, more stamina. Stupid stuff like taking out the trash no longer leaves you breathless, and you’ve once again got that zest, that zip in your step.

Most guys our age think that’s gone forever, but I’ll show you how to easily get it back.

And that’s what I’m talking about for you here.

The things I’ll share in my newsletter will give you a complete health revolution - and I’m not going to give you vague ideas that MAY work, or things that are for everybody that you already know.

No sir. I’m not here to deceive you you off like your Doctor will, or to line my pockets offering you some dangerous medication that may kill you.

I’ll leave that to the medical “professionals”.

So Rick How Does This Work?

I’ll show you how to accept my limited time membership offer in just a second, but first you need to see exactly how this works.

As a founder member of Rick Cannon’s Letter I’ll be sending you a letter each week jammed FULL of my latest and greatest findings in the world of men’s health and potency.

Things like:

The hidden hormone in your body that’s ACTIVELY blocking your testosterone, diminishing your maleness, forcing you to have weak erections and packing heavy fat onto your frame

- and the simple reason why certain men over 45 have WAY more chance of having low Testosterone than others

- and then there’s the VITAL mineral that almost the whole planet is deficient in, and how it can quickly revolutionize your potency and sexual activity

- and way more besides that.

Now, You May Be Wondering How Much This Life-Changing Newsletter Will Cost You

And while the answer to that is nowhere near as much as you’re thinking, and CERTAINLY nowhere near what it’s actually worth

- before we get into the specifics, I need to tell you one thing above everything else:

There is absolutely no risk involved in this for you.

Why not?
Because just like I have your back with your health, I’ve got your back here too.

I’m 100% certain you’re not only going to LOVE the content of my letters but they’ll also give you a NOTICEABLE improvement in your health and enjoyment of life.

That’s a FACT, to me at least. That’s how sure I am.

I’m CONVINCED this will change your life, so I’ll put my money where my mouth is.

If you go ahead and give this a shot now, you’ve got 14 days to decide if you’re happy…

And in that 14 days you’ll get AT LEAST 4 issues of my newsletter, and also a pretty valuable special gift from me…

… so you’ll soon know if this is for you or not.

If it’s not for you, no problem, you simply let me know. I’ll pat you on the back, wish you luck, and we’ll go our separate ways.

But if this is for you – if you want to be one of the insiders who knows EXACTLY why his health is faltering and how to fix it, and be permanently more potent than any of your buddies…

… I know you’re in the right place.

Now, About That Price

Let’s get real for a second.

You value your life, right?

And you value your ability to get it done in the bedroom, and be a strong capable man, don’t you?

Of course you do. Every man does.

So you don’t need me to convince you this stuff is worth a fortune to the average guy.

I mean, it’s OBVIOUS, right?.

Now, thankfully, I’m not trying to make a billion dollars here, like those bastards we already talked about. Those guys will squeeze you absolutely dry until you’re broke and nearly dead from the health issues they’ve caused you, if you let them.

My mission is to HELP you… and as long as I can make enough from these newsletters to cover the ongoing costs of researching and creating the materials, I’m happy - because I can concentrate on getting this in the hands of as many men as possible.

So while each issue may well be worth many hundreds of dollars – I mean, how much is it worth to you to start reducing the size of your prostate TOMORROW? – I’ve worked hard to cut the costs down and make it affordable to anyone.

After going back and forth with my accountant, the lowest price I can possibly get this for is around $19.95 per newsletter.
An obvious bargain, right?

But I Want To Make It Even Better For You

You see, instead of just sending you four of these amazing letters each month, I want to send you FIVE…

… but you have my word you’ll only ever pay for four of them.

So your monthly cost is locked in, permanently at $79.80.

Which I’m sure you’ll agree is a painless drop in the ocean when it comes to keeping yourself healthy.

$79.80 a month works out to just $2.66 a day…

… so let’s be honest about it. Less than three bucks a day to reclaim your health, your vitality, your LIFE QUALITY…

… that’s an absolute no-brainer bargain!

But listen, I want to make sure that you absolutely don’t miss out on this…

… so I’m going to make the deal even sweeter, if you act right now.

… AND I’ll go ahead and give you TWO issues of the newsletter for instant download right now, instead of just one, like you’d usually get.

But that only happens if you act now…

… so click the button below, and claim your spot while you can.

Listen, I want to level with you right now, speak to you man to man.

We both know that SOMETHING is going on, don’t we?

We know that the powers that be only have a slim interest in keeping guys like us healthy… even if we are the ones that made the country what it is today.

So right now, it comes down to a choice about yourself, and your health.

Do you want to leave your well-being, your potency, in the hands of people who don’t care about you?

These are the same people who make you pay 35 times more for prescription meds than the rest of the world…

… and are quite happy to watch your potency dwindle to nothing if you don’t dig deep in your pockets and continue to make them rich.

So you have the option of relying on those guys…

… or you can rely on me. The guy whose potency expertise is helping tens of thousands of guys all over the world…

… and if you’re honest, the guy who probably already told you stuff your Doctor never would, right here on this very page.

That’s the smart choice here. If you think about it logically, it makes no sense at all to rely on people who don’t have your best interest at heart…

… and I’ve already shown you how this is completely no risk for you to try today.

So do it. Hit the button now, and claim your spot while you still can.

To satisfying your woman naturally,
Rick Cannon

P.S.- Come on, we both know something’s missing from the life of the average guy our age. It’s gradually being worn away to nothing, leaving us feeling like we don’t have IT any more. That power, that strength, that sense of MALENESS that came so easily before. Well, here’s how we get it back, quickly and easily.

P.P.S. – Oh, and don’t forget, this is only available right now, and I honestly can’t promise there will even be room for more people as we move forward. I want to keep this to a tight-knit community so we can all help each other out… so I hereby reserve the right to pull this page down and close this offer at any point.

P.P.P.S. – Look, I know this isn’t for everyone. Everybody is different, and I get that. But I don’t want this to be one of those things where you look back in a month’s time and wish you’d made a different choice. The things I’m revealing here are scientifically proven to improve your health… and this is the only way to get them all in one place, in an easy to follow format.

Act now, or you may miss out –

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